PV Graph Technology

The PV Graph Technology, is a breakthrough in the architecture and production of photovoltaic modules.

The Euro Com Project laboratory has researched and patented the possibility of using Polish graphene in photovoltaic modules. The invention will revolutionize the solar energy market. And by using high-efficiency photovoltaic cells together with a graphene electrode, the solution will reduce production costs of 1 kWh even by half.

Solar technology is already on the verge of profitability. The invention is expected to significantly increase the efficiency of the solar module and, consequently, the solar power plant. An innovative solution on a global scale gives a chance to change the current perception of solar energy as inefficient and relatively expensive.

Euro Com Poject has developed ways to apply a graphene layer in silicon photovoltaic cells. The two-dimensional material used has created new opportunities to increase cell efficiency, exceeding the expectations of the company’s R&D department. Importantly, the modules produced from such cells can be installed in particular in very hot regions, where due to the high temperature their efficiency significantly decreased.

This project can be safely described as a breakthrough. PVGRAF technology is an opportunity to revolutionize the global renewable energy industry with the participation of Polish graphene and Polish technological thought and may become our export hit”

Dariusz Zamroczyński
Project co-creator

The patented invention is the result of many years of searching for a solution by a company that already has several patents implemented for commercialization. The fruit of the joint work of scientists and the R&D department is the possibility of using Polish graphene on an industrial scale in the entire renewable energy industry. The company not only patented the technology, but already has silicon cells coated with a graphene electrode called PVGRAF. The world’s first 156mmx156mm cells coated with a single-atomic graphene layer have already been tested for performance and stability.

The so-called material commercialization stage, i.e. implementation for production and sales, should be completed in mid-2018. We will then want to present graphene modules made in PVGRAF technology with the participation of Mono Perc and HJT cells as well as the entire production line which was designed for these needs.”

Łukasz Nowiński
Project co-creator

The proposed solution will also improve the durability of the silicon solar cell, as graphene does not corrode. One should only be glad that it has been proposed and will be implemented by Polish companies.”

dr inż. Stanisław Pietruszko
President of the Polish Photovoltaic Society
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